Balancing the art of expression 

I consciously choose what I create …

This is an extract from the recent realisation that I went through as my throat was falling apart with cold and cough. On one hand it was purification, on second thoughts, I was trying to really contemplate as to what is creating the choked feeling and discomfort esp since this is one of my stronger aspects. 
As I sat in my meditation ( or sadhna in Hindi), and focussed on the whole aspect, I realised that as one expands, it is but natural that the awareness of the noise in terms of thoughts, feelings, emotions, realities, suppressed realities expands too. And so does the chances or probabilities of subconscious interaction with these energies with thoughts, feelings, emotions, expression. 
So, isn’t it important to balance the power of throat. How does one do that. That was my immediate question. 
I realised, that, in simple terms, once the energies are purified for anything, the power of manifestation and attraction grows profoundly. So, when I choose to connect and identify with feelings of hurt, woundedness, agony, anger etc of someone both at conscious and subconscious level, I am opening the doors to the vibration to share space with me. 
Vice versa, when I choose to connect with all that I can consciously choose and focus upon to co-create a better or expanded life, I attract that in my space. 
Now the question is how is it even remotely connected to throat chakra. 
Throat is about expression – both conscious and subconscious. 

What I think, I feed and I create. 

What I express, I express and I create. 

What I imagine, I feed and I create.

What I perceive, I attract and I co-create. 
It’s the chakra of action – of any form. 
When it has to be physically created, it aligns with limbs, when it has to be vocally created, it merges with all chakras below and above, when it has to manifest it aligns with heart and third eye. When it has to be a seer and interact energetically, it combines with third eye and crown. It is the space of balance of action and reaction. 
So what I am thinking both passively and actively, how I am describing my current state, how I am talking of others – it is all getting co created in my reality. 
So, in an expanded state of consciousness, or a more purified energy of throat, the chances of noise polluting it are way higher than in a contracted state. 
What I pick from what I read, where I put my attention to also affects the energy of the throat. 
Moral of the story – Be vigilant of where you focus your thoughts, feelings , emotions. 

Be aware of what noise are you interacting and feeding. 

Be aware of what are you interacting with and how much noise are you contributing to both physical and non physical. 

A bath of uninterrupted space of thoughts, feelings, emotions is best remember too. 
Be aware of what are you co-creating with the elements of creation. 
In Joy 


Is it Wrong to Be Angry and Insecure 

Is it wrong to be Insecure, Angry or Contracted….

Well, this post finally found it’s expression after a long chat with a dear friend. We were discussing about how there are days when we end up feeling insecure, less about ourselves, less about life or what we have or angry. Then, to top up, we end up feeling guilty or lesser to have these thoughts. And then ressitance to these thoughts.

Have we ever wondered that in those moments, when insecurity crops up, or when anger crops, there is also a CHOICE called AWARENESS.
Let’s say, this morning , I woke up, and the first thought I had was, how am I going to manage my funds. And my first reaction is insecurity and the outcome is me being fidgety, a little stressed and a little less present in my mornings.

Now, I have two choices in that moment. Actually three choices.

#1 – To continue the thoughts of insecurity and keep feeling low and upset and fidgety

#2 – Go into a resistance and start saying, it’s wrong to have such thoughts because of random spiritual reasons

# 3 – Breathe and ask what is really triggering these thoughts and contraction in me and what has to be done about it.

#3a – If the answer doesn’t show up, use other techniques or assistance to go to the root of it and clear it.

Now, how many times, are we programmed and conditioned to go for either #1 or #2.

What if #3 becomes a way of living and instead of going into the judgement of what is showing, we are willing to see what is underlying within.

In my case, when I choose #3 above this morning, I was able to see that the inability to create a present and future that is sustainable is creating the fear. The fear is coming as a natural response to which I have been conditioned over lifetimes. So, instead of using fear against me, or judging it, I reprogrammed it with what has to be done here and what can help me. And cleared the traces of fear energetically. And then , I am all set for the day.

How many times, do we suffer in a day both physically and emotionally because we are choosing to not be aware of the hidden part beneath our emotions and actions.

How many times do we start believing the worst possible outcomes only because of our conditioning and past life and we don’t even realise it.

How many times we make past as a precedent for future in our minds and allow it to make us miserable.

What if AWARENess is also a CHOICE… And it has no conditions, the only condition is OPENNESS to being AWARE.

Wouldnt life be SIMPLER and easier then ….

Think about it, Actually, Tap into the Awareness of it and see what happens….

In joy

Is misery and anger real in the present ?

As the frequency of planet is shifting, a lot of us are going through massive changes especially during the moon cycles. Our emotions become heightened and we start feeling off-center.

I write about a concept that I haven’t in a long time, and that is Karmic Body cleansing. What this basically means is, most of the heaviness, the insecurity, the anger, the resentment, the guilt we feel is mostly not from the present. 

I would say most of the times, it’s a product of what has been imprinted upon us.

To simplify it, let’s say you are making a caramel cinnamon cake(if that exists). And the first layer is caramel on the cake then sometimes else then cinnamon and then cream and then icing. No matter what you do, you would end up tasting caramel and cinnamon in the cake as it has been embedded in the layers of cake. 

Similarly, in our physical bodies or auric bodies , from our parents, childhood, ancestors, planetary information we carry in our cells, past lives, a lot of layers or imprints of anger, insecurity , fear , trauma, blame, shame, expectation etc are embedded. 

When something goes different from our expectation, those imprints become active as the external situation becomes a trigger point for those emotions and we start feeling off track thinking that something is wrong in the present. 

While in reality, everything would be fine in the present. We would still be acting from those programming and when trigger is maximum, we might even end up fighting, crying, wailing etc as a response to the stimuli created. 

A lot of times, people have flight phobia, sea sickness, fear of heights, water etc coming from similar imprints. Or when people make major changes in life, they start feeling off centre because of same and start resisting people. 

The answer lies in Self Enquiry and having a Karmic Cleansing mechanism. Yoga is a subtle way of doing so, but it does not eliminate the need for self enquiry, identification and cleansing. 

A lot of healers, channelers, psychics I know avoid the self enquiry or clearing part as we have not been taught to clear what comes up as a response in our lives. 
It does not take too too much effort to clear whatever imprints come up if we are committed to being joyful and expanded. 
To begin with, simple pranayama and the ability to focus on the core issues also can create some results. And in other cases, there are techniques that can be taught. 
The reason I write this is because, I see a lot of people going off track when something doesn’t show up as they desire or in normal life too. And start feeling paranoid or miserable or xyz

The truth is they are only acting from the imprints which get activated as a result of external stimuli. Once the imprints are identified and cleared, the misery on that subject ceases to exist. 

Everything in our life is a choice and a opportunity to create an expanded life. The question is, Are we really tuning in and are committed to the life we think we desire. And are willing to work towards it ? Or we have made resistance, escapism as source of creation of our life ?

​Anger from within, or anger outside.

This morning, I woke up feeling very enraged. I had no idea why, but I was feeling angry towards everything. I was trying to make sense of things, but it just wasn’t adding up. 
And then, I decided to sit and just observe myself. I started taking some deep breaths and the more deep breaths. 
After some time, a question emerged, is this anger inside me or outside me. Where am I perceiving it. I realised that that anger is outside me and inside is all calm. I could actually perceive like a ball of energy around my stomach and head so strong that I was feeling breathless, and the breathlessness was pushing the reaction of anger within me. 

Once I had a sense of where the issue was, I just asked, that 

“I now delete the imprints of anger and any low vibration on my energy system and replace them with unconditional love”

I took breaths for few more minutes focusing on the areas where I was actually perceiving the anger with above statement and slowly I could feel the perception of anger fading away and a sense of ease coming in. 

Just a little sense of awareness and utilising it with energy techniques can make life so simple. 

The reason I share this is, often, when we start feeling out of balance, instead of trying to understand or have a sense of where the problem may lie, we start looking outside for solution with a conclusion that I am feeling this or that and something is wrong and blah blah. 

What if in exactly those moments, we shift the awareness within with the assistance of some breath work and focus. Won’t that strengthen our systems and ease out a lot of unrequired clutter I feel .. 

Our systems have ingrained memory imprints of many realities, and all it requires sometimes is to identify and delete an imprint that is causing the havoc, and then we are good to sail at a swift speed. 

What are you waiting for, wanna give it a shot ?

Heartbreaks and Loss – My perspective

#love #movingon
I meet a lot of women clients and people I know personally who have been or are going through some form of heartbreak, relationship loss or lost love. 
And, being there at some point in my life, it just felt right to write about how I feel about it all. 
In a society, where time becomes very important and a lot of people around us cannot see us in pain, the need to get over a heartbreak or loss as quickly as possible is usually very high. It’s like we are under this constant pressure to get over it, somehow evade it and become the strong, sassy woman that everyone expects us to be, independent and managing everything on our own, not complaining and feeling very strong. 
And in turn, psychologically, a lot of us put ourselves through that pressure to just get over it quickly and move on. Many a times, letting the wounds cry and suppressed in our hearts, letting the pain of missing someone and feeling broken and vulnerable be subdued and letting the fact that we can be broken sometimes completely hidden. 
There is this whole pressure of time. Been so long , you should get over it. Why have you not got over it. 
Some of us try entering the other relationships with those subdued wounds, still living a broken reality and broken relationships and somehow just like this, we keep moving on. 
Now, I would want to share the flip side of it. And atleast that is how I felt and have seen many I have known feeling. 
Irrespective of the way people part, it doesn’t happen that just because one day someone moved on and someone is standing where they were, everything changes. The physical body, the emotional body needs some time. Some energy to process it all. The overall molecules go through a deep change. 

The pain needs it’s time to be accepted and healed. It needs an expression . 
In a painful state, one is vulnerable and wounded. Any support might feel less to them. The body slows down because of trauma and there is a lot of energy that has to leave for something new to sort of enter. 
The pain is double for the person is dealing with loss and the physical reality where certain habits and patterns of co-dependency have been formed. The person is dealing with the mixed worlds of hopelessness and hope. 
I personally feel it’s unfair to expect anyone to shut up or not express their pain or expect them to rebound in like a second. Having said that, there is a difference between expression of pain vis a vis victomhood. Know to identify what you can and when you can. 
It’s important that the grief that the person goes through is processed and expressed. It is important that the space the person needs to get over things is given. 
In most of my sessions, one thing that I have noticed is that before even we close the earlier chapters in our hearts completely, we move on to next one and keep creating similar realities. 
I would just ask, what if we stop pretending everything is okay just to make others happy. And just acknowledge that it’s okay to not be okay, to not be able to smile and take our own time to resolve things and then move forward. 
What if it’s okay to express how we truly feel and let it out . What if it’s okay to be vulnerable. 
And if you are on other side, or a man who left the woman or woman who left the man, or a friend watching the friend in pain, what if it’s okay to give your unconditional listening and little support that can help them in assembling themselves back into a new reality. 
Would that change something for someone I wonder.

Waste? Am I attached to it? 

I suddenly had a lot of garbage surrounding my house. One in front of my house and one in side of my house. 
Then, I noticed, my toilet flush started giving in problems. It did not look normal to me. And electricity went off. 
Esp for me,   I look at everything as a sign if it catches my inner attention. 
And then I had an epiphany, I decided to check my belief on 
“I allow myself to let go of every kind of waste from within and around me easily and effortlessly
I have the Creators perspective on Waste”
With help of belief check, I realised it’s negative. That means, somewhere I am not allowing anything that is meant to leave my space to go easily and effortlessly. 
I repeated the above statements several times and asked for it to be downloaded in my system.. 
And now, something feels has shifted. 
And light comes back in my house as I write this. 
Waste can also mean, thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, bondages, people, attachment etc. 
See if this resonates with you. 
And try 😘
In Joy


Appraisals – Is life asking you to choose more. 

I have been getting a lot of calls, energies of people frustrated with their jobs, feeling invalidated, feelings of being treated in an unjust manner and resultant overall lack of enthusiasm in life and everything. A sense or need to break down and cry or just evade everything. A part of me at some point has resonated a lot with these energies and today, I wondered, if there is anything I can say or do that can perhaps give a different perspective to this situation. 

The first thing that came across to my mind is that we as individuals assign all our self-worth to the jobs we do. Indirectly, it is also a psychological trap used by organizations and bosses to get most out of their employees. We become machines in the process trying to gain a sense of achievement by giving all of us to the organization and work and in the process neglecting other aspects of life. More than that, we assign a lot of importance to how bosses treat us, how they should be with us, how our peers are being treated. All of it combined, when is not met with resulting appreciation in form of appraisals or ratings or inclusion in meetings or important decisions, we start feeling left out. We start feeling less somehow. We start feeling angry, helpless, powerless and victimized. Just because the guy who we felt did not deserve promotion got it, we start feeling more anxiety and depression and a sense that it is not worth it. And in coming months, either we become extremely dissatisfied with life or look for options. To look for another option that can somehow fill that vacuum of self-worth within us. 

Another perspective I had is, which I did not look at when I was in job, that the salary which I would have got in last financial year was always good enough to meet my needs, so how is it that a certain percentage up and down next year collapses my dreams and hopes and ignites so much of unrest. Just because the person next to me or someone I know somewhere got something better, my life is not good again. 

And, are we doing jobs only for that percentage growth and rating, or jobs are a small part of our larger lives. 

It’s a two way trap. Somehow, we have assigned the meaning of happiness and joy only with highest grades, getting maximum promotions, fancy houses and cars, getting included by others in their lives and work, being ahead of others and so on. 

Where is it, that it is okay for us to choose for ourselves. To choose what really ignites our hearts and be totally comfortable and okay with the choices we make and what they create. Where is it that we give away our power to be happy, to create a joyful life to our salaries, to our bosses, to the promotions and ratings and to the peers who apparently do well in life as per materialistic standards. 

Where is it that we decide that what we have suddenly is less because someone else has more. 

Are we really in tune with our lives. 

Are we really in tune with what expands our lives. 

Does the happiness of getting a promotion or salary hike stay beyond a month or two, does it end the need to seek same next year and next year and so on? 

I am not saying that it’s wrong to seek something, I am only questioning the compulsiveness of our need to give away our power, our self-worth in someone or something else’s hands. 

While it’s good to be passionate, the thing is what truly brings you Joy should not shatter with someone else’s assessment of you. The same office that you loved before appraisal becomes he’ll suddenly as you feel victimised and excluded. 

And that could also be a moment to honestly ask yourself is life asking you to expand your horizons. 

If we truly knew, we can create anything we desire in our life, if we truly knew that life is beautiful and much more can be done wherever we are, without attaching too much meaning to it, will it really affect us so much that someone rated us 3 or 4 or 5. And, will it really have the power to shatter all that we are. 

Is there something more than the four walls of our cabins and cubicles, a possibility for better life perhaps. 

And, can we add more happiness to our lives by exploring other dimensions like gardening, hobbies, self-actualization, creation or anything. 

Take a deep breath, couple of more and then think, is it really that bad. 
Some people i shared this with shared some

In Joy


Decree for Joyful Relationships 

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I, _____( your name) is now Open to the Universe contributing to a nurturing, loving, caring, fun, joyful, prosperous relationship that contributes to me and my partners well being.

I am now open to having a partner and other people on my journey who can assist in my deepest goals and support my endeavor in being a more conscious, joyful and aware person. 

I am now willing to choose the contribution and love of others in my life and allow that to multiply in my life manifold. 

I am now willing to magnetise my presence with my truest energy that brings in joy and nurturing to others around me too. 

I now move beyond fear, blame, shame, regret, hate and expectations in any relationship with me and others. 

I now move beyond victim hood in my relationships to a space of empowered relationship with me and others. 

I now move to a space of creation of joyful possibilities for me and others, with my body, my soul and my being and Mother Earth. 

I now move beyond the paradigms of expectations, jealousy, lack and harshness to a space of openness, growth, joy, kindness, nurturance, trust, co-creation and expansion. 

I am now set free from any patterns whatsover that limit me and bind me to all of the lower vibrational energies. 

And so I am free to co create a new reality of joyful nature , of trust and of being truly me. Of gifting and receiving love and joy and everything that brings in more joy, Awareness and consciousness. 

I am free of any contracts and patterns said and unsaid that bind me to lower vibrations in relationship with me and others. 

I am Joy

I am Love

I am Hope

I am Possibility 

I am Creation 

I am Awareness 

I am Consciousness 

I am One 

With Creator. 
In Love,


Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need


Someone calls you, they say, someone is unwell, and its a drastic situation and its bad. What is your first reaction. Panic, worry, fear or the immediate need to jump in action basis the impulse of the moment. To feel like them, to feel sorry about them or just associate millions of your life moments with them.

Now, lets expand this a little. Someone calls you, they say someone is unwell, and its a drastic situation and its bad. You listen to them breathing deeply with all your presence with them. And you put your attention as you breathe into the core of the matter, as you breathe you just allow your awareness to tap into what is required and what can help. You listen, you either suggest an action or tell them to settle down and basis your awareness, do what is required. Tangible or intangible. Whatever the awareness is.

What do you think is more compassionate.

Action or reaction.

In first case, we are acting out of the incessant programming and give and take structure of how we should be in a particular moment.

In the second one, we are allowing our Akasha element, and other four elements to contribute to our awareness by allowing more Prana (Life force energy) to run through us and our awareness, the inner compass to guide as to what could be the solution of the situation and if the situation is really that bad.

While we choose second, we might appear to be insensitive to some who at that moment are acting out the programming of expectations (subconscious of course). Yet, in being Aware and Being fully present, we allow a solution and viability to decode itself in front of our eyes and allow it to assist us.

Some call it awareness, some call it inner compass, some call it intuition, whatever you call it, it is the capacity of your inner system to give you information. If we move beyond fear and just allow our body to have the space for awareness to come in, a lot can change in our system.

Just a simple act of presence and being aware can change a lot, isnt it.

In Joy



The Decree to Universe 

Hi Peeps
Here’s a decree you can make to the Universe if it feels light to choose, to transcend existing patterns. You may want to repeat it minimum thrice or more to get it through. 

The energy of this Full Moon is very potent to dissolve existing patterns and limitations that don’t work for us. 

Happy Full Moon.

You can use this Decree to Universe if it’s light for you to choose :
I, ____(your name), now let go of all binding patterns of fear from my system and realities, I am now willing to look beyond fear and have the awareness and strength to transmute it,

I now let go of all doubts from my system and realities and am now willing to look beyond doubt, and have the awareness of what can change 

I now let go of all blame, shame and regret of my own and ancestors from my system and am willing to create a life and loving reality beyond it

I now let go of trauma drama locked in my cells and create realities basis trust and choice

I now am willing to move beyond what I have considered real and all the contracted spaces I have chosen

I am now willing to choose different 

I am now letting go of all those contracts of my ancestors of patriarchy and matriarchy of spirituality and of money that bind me from unfolding into the true potency of being me in the here and now and in future 

I now let go of all those energies in the astral that bind me to fear, obligation, guilt, shame and control 

I now choose to be a Sovereign being 

And stand in my Sovereign power 

With choices, aawareness and consciousness as my leading tool 

I am now Free from all contracts said and unsaid

Written and verbal 

Of slave and master

Of dark and light 

And I now transcend my own limitations 

To open up to my true Sovereignty

I Am Power

I am Infinite

I am Soul 

I am Divine

I am Universe

I am Oneness

I am Everything. 
And so it is done, so it is done , so it is done.