Decree for Joyful Relationships 

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I, _____( your name) is now Open to the Universe contributing to a nurturing, loving, caring, fun, joyful, prosperous relationship that contributes to me and my partners well being.

I am now open to having a partner and other people on my journey who can assist in my deepest goals and support my endeavor in being a more conscious, joyful and aware person. 

I am now willing to choose the contribution and love of others in my life and allow that to multiply in my life manifold. 

I am now willing to magnetise my presence with my truest energy that brings in joy and nurturing to others around me too. 

I now move beyond fear, blame, shame, regret, hate and expectations in any relationship with me and others. 

I now move beyond victim hood in my relationships to a space of empowered relationship with me and others. 

I now move to a space of creation of joyful possibilities for me and others, with my body, my soul and my being and Mother Earth. 

I now move beyond the paradigms of expectations, jealousy, lack and harshness to a space of openness, growth, joy, kindness, nurturance, trust, co-creation and expansion. 

I am now set free from any patterns whatsover that limit me and bind me to all of the lower vibrational energies. 

And so I am free to co create a new reality of joyful nature , of trust and of being truly me. Of gifting and receiving love and joy and everything that brings in more joy, Awareness and consciousness. 

I am free of any contracts and patterns said and unsaid that bind me to lower vibrations in relationship with me and others. 

I am Joy

I am Love

I am Hope

I am Possibility 

I am Creation 

I am Awareness 

I am Consciousness 

I am One 

With Creator. 
In Love,



Awareness or Reaction in Times of Need


Someone calls you, they say, someone is unwell, and its a drastic situation and its bad. What is your first reaction. Panic, worry, fear or the immediate need to jump in action basis the impulse of the moment. To feel like them, to feel sorry about them or just associate millions of your life moments with them.

Now, lets expand this a little. Someone calls you, they say someone is unwell, and its a drastic situation and its bad. You listen to them breathing deeply with all your presence with them. And you put your attention as you breathe into the core of the matter, as you breathe you just allow your awareness to tap into what is required and what can help. You listen, you either suggest an action or tell them to settle down and basis your awareness, do what is required. Tangible or intangible. Whatever the awareness is.

What do you think is more compassionate.

Action or reaction.

In first case, we are acting out of the incessant programming and give and take structure of how we should be in a particular moment.

In the second one, we are allowing our Akasha element, and other four elements to contribute to our awareness by allowing more Prana (Life force energy) to run through us and our awareness, the inner compass to guide as to what could be the solution of the situation and if the situation is really that bad.

While we choose second, we might appear to be insensitive to some who at that moment are acting out the programming of expectations (subconscious of course). Yet, in being Aware and Being fully present, we allow a solution and viability to decode itself in front of our eyes and allow it to assist us.

Some call it awareness, some call it inner compass, some call it intuition, whatever you call it, it is the capacity of your inner system to give you information. If we move beyond fear and just allow our body to have the space for awareness to come in, a lot can change in our system.

Just a simple act of presence and being aware can change a lot, isnt it.

In Joy



The Decree to Universe 

Hi Peeps
Here’s a decree you can make to the Universe if it feels light to choose, to transcend existing patterns. You may want to repeat it minimum thrice or more to get it through. 

The energy of this Full Moon is very potent to dissolve existing patterns and limitations that don’t work for us. 

Happy Full Moon.

You can use this Decree to Universe if it’s light for you to choose :
I, ____(your name), now let go of all binding patterns of fear from my system and realities, I am now willing to look beyond fear and have the awareness and strength to transmute it,

I now let go of all doubts from my system and realities and am now willing to look beyond doubt, and have the awareness of what can change 

I now let go of all blame, shame and regret of my own and ancestors from my system and am willing to create a life and loving reality beyond it

I now let go of trauma drama locked in my cells and create realities basis trust and choice

I now am willing to move beyond what I have considered real and all the contracted spaces I have chosen

I am now willing to choose different 

I am now letting go of all those contracts of my ancestors of patriarchy and matriarchy of spirituality and of money that bind me from unfolding into the true potency of being me in the here and now and in future 

I now let go of all those energies in the astral that bind me to fear, obligation, guilt, shame and control 

I now choose to be a Sovereign being 

And stand in my Sovereign power 

With choices, aawareness and consciousness as my leading tool 

I am now Free from all contracts said and unsaid

Written and verbal 

Of slave and master

Of dark and light 

And I now transcend my own limitations 

To open up to my true Sovereignty

I Am Power

I am Infinite

I am Soul 

I am Divine

I am Universe

I am Oneness

I am Everything. 
And so it is done, so it is done , so it is done.


The Potency and Magic of Being you 

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Yesterday, I wrapped up our first ever Dolphin Healing Transmission class and it was amazing.

Just like each class, it opened up something in my Universe too. One of the things that was very up in my Universe was the fact that people coming and telling me I am not compassionate and kind enough. 

And that came up in the class. You must be wondering why. Well, classes are not about theories, classes are about facing our shadows and letting them go, creating more ease and space for joy of being us. 

So, the participants were very kind and aware and with the help of dolphins, they opened up a new space for me. They brought to my awareness, how I was unwilling to acknowledge the kindness and space I choose to be for people and allow them to be. How I don’t give up on them and am there when required. And how, I do not allow myself those moments of receiving gratitude from others when it comes my way. 

I am usually very fast, so even when gratitude comes my way, I am like, okay, and I move on. The class opened up a space, where what if I allow myself to receive the gratitude for being me and the space my presence can create for someone. 

It almost opened up a new space, where I was in the wrongness of my Intensity and I actually saw, how that, and being honest, and authentic, can change the whole flow of things. 

The class actually went from a lot of online disturbance to the Creation of a new and joyful space. One of the participant experienced her own potency of kindness and the other experienced her own connection and capacity with dolphins. 

The presence of Dolphins and awareness has contributed so much more to my life. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to share the same magic with others and see the magic of their being-ness. 

How many times do we get into the space of judging ourselves because others cannot acknowledge or look at the way things we look at. How many times do we shut up our potency for the need to make someone else right. 

What if who we are and what we embody is beautiful enough.

I am so grateful for this new space in my Universe. 


If you would like to know more about Dolphin Healing Session or workshops , you can write to me at

Is recycling Middle Class or call of the hour?

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There is something that has been popping in my world a lot off lately. It’s the whole concept of mindless use and abuse of many little things which in turn are depleting the environment. 

One of the things which I have been observing a lot is the use of Paper bags, Poly bags, Bottles, Glass bottles, Storage bags, Shopping bags, Paper tissues, Fruit juice and other cans and so on. 

There is a saying in India that recycling Paper bags or bottles, or food boxes that come along with the ordered food is so middle class. In short, it is not looked upon in a good way. While the reason for this trend might have been shortage of money, today, in retrospection I feel the environment as a whole needs this approach a lot. Somehow, I wonder if spending and wasting is a part of our inherent nature and capacity to create more. 

Simple example, when we head out to department store or shopping mall for shopping, we are usually aware of the fact that we are going to shop and we might end up feeling thirsty.

But because , environment is not on top of our mind then, we depend on the store to give us shopping bags, and the availability of bisleri to feed our water needs. So in a week, if this shopping is thrice, we get three bottles plus three shopping bags(minimum). So in a year per household, we estimated get 156 paper bags and bottles. So, in turn, those many resources in environment have to be erased for the creation of these 156 paper bags and bottles. 

Do we take any intiative to return it back to environment, perhaps no. 

What if, instead we choose a different possibility. Instead of choosing those 156 bags and bottles, per household, what if we just choose to carry a bag and bottle with us. Will that be asking too much. 

Similarly, the boxes that come in the house, what if we really figure out a way to recycle them to uses that can reduce the need for creation of something wasteful somewhere else. 

Or the glass bottles we have of the ketchup and other items, if there can be community moves where they can be utilised diffetently to feed a current lifestylr need that creates more waste. 

Will that create some difference I wonder. 

I am just sharing my thoughts and they are as fresh and deep as this blog. You can share your too.

What can we contribute to the planet and it’s well being I wonder. 



Stepping into Ones Power 

Today’s Grid is a small effort to move beyond the wrongness and rightness, beyond judgment and open up the space of truly being me… The pure energy of the soul…

In the grid is Honey calcite sphere, Citrine chunks, Blue apatite chunks, Chrysoprase chunks and Rose Quartz pencil and Pyramid. 

The grid is to balance the Mind, Body, Spirit, Soul and raise my vibration. 

The grid had the element of four ( four directions, tetrahedron) to balance all aspects with different frequencies. Citrine, APATITE and Rose quartz have different vibration that work on ones energy field in a way to enhance ones presence in the now and eliminate energetic blockages smoothly. Citrine gives in extra energy to support the cleansing activated by APATITE and Rosequartz balances the energy field with vibration of love. 



Crystal Grids – What space do they create

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I have been thinking of writing this post for long, and then a beautiful space opened up this morning and it was really light to share it.

I have been working with Crystal grids for over two years now. And the commitment I have experienced to tap into that energy every day is surprising to me as well. Many a times, I am asked, is it just a piece of art, is it Tantra/Mantra, or is it something else totally?

Initially, I myself looked and wondered at all these questions. Yet, nothing had the power to stop me from creating them. I was also observing the change I was experiencing in my life with the grids I was bringing together. The desire for change in my life turned out to be the biggest anchor to make these grids.

Grids are a space, are an energy and have a consciousness of their own. The desire to make them flows from within; and the shapes, forms, energies they exude are just an expression of tapping into that energy and space.

I never decide that I will make a particular form and so. I just tap into the energy with some deep breaths, of what would like to be created and allow it to flow. Its a space of pure flow of energy, just like cooking, there is no fixed recipe for the same tea, there is just an awareness and a space that allows that awareness to flow, and to contribute to the creation of a different reality. There is a symphony that flows seconds below I bring the stones together for the grid and the crystals automatically get chosen, and are placed together. And no matter how the grid looks, there is always a symphony, an energy exuding from the grid.

There are days, when I have allowed my mind to interfere, especially once I started putting myself out there in Social Media, and I tried altering the forms of grids, only to realize, it doesn’t work that ways.

Now you must be wondering, what does all of it create.

I will take an example of the grids I made two days back below.


I have personally been feeling a lot happening for me emotionally and on that particular day, all the Rose quartz just desired to be placed together. Moments after I made the grid and the following two days, I was highly emotional – you may call it mad for sometime

As I started processing the emotions that came up and clearing spaces, my heart started opening up and an awareness of what can really contribute to my well being opened up. And as that got completed, I had an awareness that the work of grid is done, and a new one is in the pipeline.

Logically, rose quartz is the stone for heart and I should have felt better, yet, moments after I made the grid, I felt terrible.

So, what really happened.

In order to feel better, whatever energetic blockage in form of emotions etc was blocking that came to surface. The grid exuded an energy vortex that pushed the emotions out to be healed. And also the grid facilitated the awareness of what can heal. As I did so, my heart felt much lighter and purer.

Not necessarily, all Grids I make push same energy. Some just bring in peace, some harmony, some a sense of bliss. It varies from day to day. Yet, on my journey of Healing and Consciousness, these grids have been my constant companions. They have helped me in being honest to the emotions and blockages and clear them with ease.

One of the biggest contributors to expand Ones Consciousness is to clear the debris from which we function, let go of the filters of judgement that block us. And if the awareness can come in easily, its totally worth it. And that’s what these beautiful companions have contributed to me.

I have seen that on a day when I have a session or a call or a workshop, the grids change automatically and are in alignment of what the person might come up with. I am usually not aware of it beforehand, and yet it all syncs up.

To me, these are like my own magic wands. To answer the other questions, are they any form of spell or anything else, my answer is No. Though there are all forms of people who do different things.

What I am referring to and what I do is specifically charging the crystals and bringing them together in a symphony. The energy that is visible is a creation of its own with no fixed intention. And that has a energy vortex of its own and a power to change realities.

Grids can also be made with flowers, and other objects. Whatever you put together in a symphony will have a consciousness and an energy of its own and depending on how much you are willing to receive, it will shift your realities.

With experience, a deeper understanding of tuning into listening to stones better, and understanding what kinds of shapes and energies are creating what energies has seeped in. Yet, they are beyond the logical and an invitation into the awareness of ever expanding universe, of how nature truly balances itself and what is the imbalance really.

If you would like to expand yourself with their contribution, I would definitely recommend it a shot.

I sometimes meditate with them, just create them or sleep around them. Either ways, they shift my reality and push me to become more of me. Once the blocks come to surface, I have no choice but to clear them and then there is more space and a energy to create the life I truly desire.

I do conduct workshops or sessions where you can experience the magic of creating them and shifting your realities.

If you would like, you can connect with me on my email id –

You can also follow the grids I make on my instagram link below or on facebook:

To Love